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The OTHER 90's Music w/ Kayci Ketchersid Smith & Tye King

Kayci and Tye help me discuss the OTHER 90s music not covered in the first 90s music episode

Fears and Phobias w/ Kami Shore and Mindy McDonald

Kami and Mindy help me discuss our fears and phobias....some rational, some not

Ghost Adventures w/ Charleigh and Ripley

Charleigh and Ripley come by to discuss our favorite Ghost Adventures spots

Songs We Hate w/ Brad Daniel & Amanda Haygood

We pick four (or more) songs we hate. *This will be an unedited version; please excuse the sound at the end*

Guy Knowledge w/ JP Cotton

JP and I discuss things guys need to know how to do

Dad Jokes w/ Arturo Valles

Arturo Valles comes to help me discuss dad jokes in time for fathers day

ScotchPod w/ Landry & Jeremy

LMK Production Team and Jeremy Daniel hang out...Jeremy and Landry help me pick four great scotches

7 Year Old Wisdom w/ Carter and Riley

Breaking from the normal Pick 4 path, the Griffiths and the Cottons were nice enough to allow me to interview Riley and Carter about life as seven year olds.

One Hit Wonders w/ Landry Griffith

Landry helps me discuss musical one hit wonders

Female Leads w/ Chrystal Cornell

Chrystal and I share our favorite female musical leads

Baseball Q & A w/ Landry Griffith and Tye King

LMK Productions team reunites to discuss baseball questions

TEQUILA! w/ Sunny & Jeremy

Good idea or not, Sunny Jones and Jeremy Daniel come by to try tequilas

American Horror Story w/ Sunny Jones

Sunny Jones comes by to discuss all things American Horror Story.

Seven Degrees of Annoyed

Tye King, JP & Kalea Cotton, Mindy McDonald, Landry & Kyzandre Griffith all join me to discuss pet peeves.

Conspiracies w/ Charleigh Youngblood

Charleigh finally comes to do an episode! We talk about conspiracy theories...#freebritney, Malaysia 370, Bigfoot, Mandela, JFK, and more.

BONUS; Facebook Rant

I rant about Facebook's declining to boost a P4P post this morning.

Media Then and Now w/ Dave Daniel

Dave Daniel, longtime news editor with Lubbock Avalanche Journal, comes by to talk about print and digital media, Scott Pelley, and Jamal Kashoggi.

Autism Awareness w/ Jeremy Daniel and Josh Terry

Jeremy and Josh from Lubbock Autism Academy come and talk about autism and services provided. See list of websites discussed in show notes

The Newlywed Game; Cottons vs Griffiths

JP and Kalea Cotton vs Landry and Kyzandre Griffith in our version of the newlywed game

Tom Cruise Movie Bracket w/ Tye King and Jamie Berryhill

It's March so that means it's time for brackets! So here's our Tom Cruise movie bracket

Small Business Tips w/ Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy comes by to give us his tips for operating a small business

Starting a Podcast w/ Landry Griffith

Landry gives his four tips for starting your own podcast.

90s Music w/ Tye King and Jamie Berryhill

Tye and Jamie and I discuss music from the 90s...is George Strait the greatest? What is a POST? Did Tye meet Beyonce??

Love Letter to Hannibal w/Chrystal Cornell

Chrystal comes by to help me fangirl over Hannibal Lecter in all forms.

What to watch when you're cold

Suggestions for entertainment during the upcoming polar vortex

Best athletes w/ Ripley Youngblood

Ripley comes by to discuss the best athletes we've seen in our lifetimes, Hank Aaron vs. Barry Bonds, and super bowl picks.

Serial Killers w/ Chrystal Cornell

Chrystal comes by to discuss four intriguing serial killers. Show contains material that could be disturbing.

What we miss from youth w/ Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy and I discuss things we miss from childhood. Anything from games to food.

Taste Tests w/ Landry Griffith and Tye King

Good lord we got out of hand. We taste a variety of brands of whisky and vodka. There are accents, characters, stories, and laughs.